Ethereum casino

Ethereum cryptocurrency and the blocking technology in general are slowly penetrating into our lives. Malta, a country known as a pioneer in the gambling industry, plans to legalize casino on Ethereum.

What is special about best Ethereum casino?

Do not you think that the attitude to crypto money is too serious? But this is just one more game, which is played first by rare fans, then more and more people and finally gets involved almost the whole world. And as for any game – you do not need to treat bitcoin too seriously. You say crypto is a casino? Well, play in edgeless Ethereum casino, if you have extra money and desire, but no – pass by and do not interfere with others to have fun. Of course, the bitcoin course with its leaps and bounds looks like an adventure, but you know, when you look at the Dow Jones index, NasDaq and other obscure graphs, the same thought does not leave your head. Someone has invented something, someone bought it, sold it. In a word – a game!

Now trillions of emitted money are sent to the securities and derivatives markets, than their inflow into the sphere of “real demand” and the growth of consumer inflation are being prevented. Private and state cryptocurrencies can serve as an “expansion tank” in the event of the collapse of stock and futures markets. Floating money there for some time can raise cryptocurrencies to the skies, then probably for the most part evaporate in the course of a natural or artificial collapse or prohibitive (fiscal) measures.

Advantages of Ethereum based casino

Is it not surprising that two industries with a similar past are now so closely interrelated? In fact, this is not a surprise to anyone: online versions of traditional casinos and conventional cash clearly have a number of advantages. Online casino is better that it is available everywhere, you do not need to go anywhere. Also, if you want to try to play, you do not have to immediately pay with real money, and if you want, there are a variety of payment methods. In addition, you can create an account with numerous operators and choose which casino will be more to your liking.

Ethereum is distinguished by the fact that it can not be faked. Send a transfer through them is not enough, which is cheaper due to low commissions, so much more quickly. Anyone with access to the Internet can make a transaction that is securely protected by a special identification procedure.

Why is it worth using Ethereum casino

  • First, during Ethereum casino contract it’s easier to calculate than traditional money. In some countries, gambling is banned, that is, accordingly, you can not be calculated in the game by real means, but you can safely take advantage of, for example, Bitcoin or Litecoin.
  • Secondly, if you have a very small amount of Ethereum on the account, then it does not make much sense to convert them into a traditional currency. But it is worth trying a fate and, perhaps, to win already a large amount and then already dispose of it as you like and then use them in Ethereum casino games.
  • Thirdly, the withdrawal of this cryptocurrency from online Ethereum gambling places takes a few seconds, and making a bet with it can be much more profitable, because some online casinos in this case put very low commission or work without them at all.
  • Fourthly, many online casino operators with Ethereum provide an opportunity to make sure that no one cheats in the game using the “Provably Fair” algorithm. That’s why Ethereum blackjack is also very popular.

Thus playing with Ethereum in the online casino is much safer, faster and even more honest. In fact, the chances of winning slightly increase, because you do not need to pay additional fees for withdrawal and deposit of funds, and you can also benefit from the bonuses for profit. Well, the Ethereum crypto currency and the casino is still an ideal pair!

General perspective of development of Ethereum as a crypto currency for the gambling industry: what is Ethereum jackpot?

Ethereum casinos beat their historical highs. The cost of the Ethereum is 467.5 with a capitalization of 44 billion 892 million dollars. And if bitcoin’s volatility rises rapidly during this and the previous week, then Ethereum is somewhat “blown away”. The reason for the rapid growth of bitcoin analysts is associated with another bailiff of this crypto currency called Bitcoin Diamond, and as a result, although it was not issued, it became, in fact, the driver who took other digital money for tow.

The digital currency Ethereum is a relatively new crypto currency, if you compare it with the famous Bitcoin. Nevertheless, the recent surge in value made Ethereum the second largest crypto currency with a market capitalization of more than $ 3 billion. The casinos could not ignore the trend and as a result presented Ethereum as a new payment method, along with the already existing two currencies – Bitcoin and Litecoin. In addition, now in the casino instant deposits are available in any crypto currency, be it Bitcoin, Litecoin or ether. By this we mean really instant transfers, because in the casino with the Ethereum you do not have to wait until the system checks your transaction and collects the required number of confirmations, because with this exclusive offer they are not required at all.