Bitcoin poker

Bitcoin poker: news and small review

The choice in favor of bitcoins was made by many poker players who want to receive bitcoin poker bonus. At this time, players can choose from several major online sites with bitcoin poker (USA). All poker rooms accepting bitcoin can be divided into 2 groups: Bitcoin poker rooms and poker rooms that take Bitcoin, converting it into a fiat currency (dollars / euro).

That is, there is a Bitcoin poker room in which you can immediately play poker for bitcoins, and not for dollars, without currency conversion. As a rule, in such poker rooms are created for playing through the browser. In other words, Bitcoin poker does not need to be downloaded. But poker rooms that take Bitcoin, in most convert the crypto currency into dollars and euros. That is, playing Bitcoin poker will not work, because Bitcoin is converted into dollars.

Bitcoin poker: legal or not?

On different sites you can find Bitcoin poker tournaments with stable reputation of the best and most reliable activities in this area. In addition to the obvious advantages of Bitcoin rooms it is worth recalling two more important advantages:

  • You do not need to fool around with utility bills, bank statements, phone verification, and other blood and DNA tests.
  • Really fast cached, in just a few hours!

Bitcoin promotions and bonuses

It is clear that BTC, due to the absence of controlling bodies, will soon find a special application as electronic payment systems, even on the black market for the sale of goods prohibited by local legislation. For example, at the present time, Americans have already started using Bitcoins as a payment system in online games, in particular, in Poker.

Already many legal gaming sites on Poker have officially started accepting Bitcoins, paying out prizes and winnings. Thanks to this unprecedented popularity, the number of Poker Rooms that accept a new electronic currency is growing every month.

What is the advantage of using Bitcoins?

The answer is very simple, Bitcoin for poker are ideal coins. The use of bitcoins is safe, fast, cheap and anonymous. In addition, at the moment more and more poker rooms are interested in bitcoins, so they offer special bonuses to players who make deposits in bitcoins. Also, it is worth noting that the commission for deposits and caches in Bitcoins is significantly lower compared to other methods. So, the main advantages of Bitcoins are:

  • Fast and secure deposits and caches
  • Complete anonymity
  • Reduced fees
  • Special bonuses, especially Bitcoin poker no deposit bonus

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